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Sour CBD Gummy Bears Edibles with 25mg CBD (per serving 2-3 gummies). Industrial standard, contain no THC and it’s made out of organic hemp plant. Only the purest CBD extracts are used to produce these CBD sour gummies, and it offers a relaxing effect faster than other edibles.

Sour gummy bear candy is the favorite of almost every kid out there. In fact, grown-ups also like to enjoy the old memories by eating a couple of gummy bears at times. To be precise, gummy bears are a part of all our lives for decades. In this CBD era, several intake methods offer the benefits of CBD in a varied manner. Starting from CBD oils to the CBD vaping, different people choose different intake methods as per their liking and interest. Distinctively, CBD gummies are a great option that offers the impact quicker when compared with other CBD edibles. Moreover, it is one of the tastiest options and is a most liked option among CBD users. If you want to include CBD in your diet, our CBD sour gummies are the best and the tastiest option to ensure you don’t miss to consume CBD on intended intervals.


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